RADIO REHAB CAROLINAS is a multi-faceted entertainment organization that celebrates life, love, and community through music and culture.  Radio Rehab creates an inspirational outlet for creative artist, musicians, entertainers and entrepreneurs through event production and community organizing. Our focus is to execute quality events while promoting superior artistry, providing diversity to anyone craving a different flavor and filter for music than what's popularized in mainstream media. 


  The soul of NC lies in DURHAM!

The soul of NC lies in DURHAM!

JOSHUA GUNN aka j. gunn

If you haven't heard of Joshua Gunn, recently questioned whether Dame had found the new Jay-Z. We seem to think he found something better in Joshua Gunn who is a soulfully unique artist, true to the essence his art form. Joshua Gunn is fresh off of his South Korean Tour, European tour with Beenie Man and was recently featured on BET's Music Moguls alongside Dame Dash, Snoop Dogg, Jermaine Dupri and Birdman. He also has a track on Beenie Man's latest album "Unstoppable", which was released in late September 2016.

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Three spirits brewery one of the newer additions to the craft beer scene in Charlotte, NC. What makes this brewery an exceptional gem, is the fact that it's minority owned. Who say's black people don't do craft beer?!  Three Spirits Brewery defies all odds in this over saturated craft beer market, by creating a delicious line of "comfort beers". These are beers that are easy to drink, moderate in alcohol content, and high in flavor, just like your favorite “comfort” foods. Their beers a bit hazy, like a typical wheat.  TSB chooses not to filter their beers. The brewmaster Tabu, states that, "Filters are great, except that they don’t just remove the bad components of beer; they also remove some of the good as they remove anything that does not fit through their screen threshold.  At Three Spirits, we choose to use gravity as our only filter after the whirlpool. All of the beers are previously unfiltered homebrews that people loved. Therefore, we decided to keep that philosophy in the brewery and produce beers as close to their prototypes as possible." 

With flavorful beers, combined with hiphop inspired names, this brewery is definitely #Certifiedfresh!

Radio Rehab Beer of the Month:

Ain’t No Hop Steppin’® 

This beer is an India Pale Ale, or IPA, that includes some of the characteristics of the style known as “extra special bitter.” The beer contains five different types of hops. Instead of giving the beer an overly bitter taste, the hops are used in a way that accentuates their individual flavor quality, without being overpowering. The choice of malts provides a sturdy and pleasant background to support the multiple variety of hops. The beer is dark gold in color, medium-bodied with a pleasantly floral hop aroma and a subtle butterscotch aftertaste.

  Meet Radio Rehabs newest member Mr. Shawn D. Allison II

Meet Radio Rehabs newest member Mr. Shawn D. Allison II


If you've been at any of the "cool" spots in the Queen City, you have run into this gentlemen. He is the Ambassador of Charlotte culture and the newest member to the Radio Rehab Family....Shawn D. Allison II.

Shawn comes to us by way of Indianapolis Indiana.  He quickly emerged himself into the Charlotte scene and has created a lane of his own.  He is the go to guy for whats happening around town and he is one of the biggest supporters of the art culture here in Charlotte. He is the man behind the weekly " Rundown"  with Pride Magazine and maybe the only reason why people still read Pride Magazine (no offense).  This brothers day off is infinite in possibilities and defintiely well planned. You don't become the Black Fuerris Bueller for nothing. 

I first got wind of Shawn, via social media. His everyday life commentary, tends to be a highlight while scrolling thru the "book."  Eventually we were able to connect and the rest is history.  

Shawn is a perfect addition to our family because he is an artist. He loves phenomenal music, has a quintessential vibe and he lays words down on paper like Kat Williams' lays his perm. It just flows. 

From this point on he will be our blogger and "word on the skreets" (not streets) correspondent. Please stay in the know and follow this brother on IG @blackferrisbuellerclt and maybe FB if he lets you. 

-Lonni B